Re-electrifying the industry leader in guitar pedals.
Role: Creative Direction, Branding, Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Concept, Design, Poster Design, Digital Design, Motion Graphics, Advertising, Copywriting
BOSS has achieved legendary status among guitarists by offering a diverse, world-leading product lineup that includes compact effects processors, multi-effects processors, digital recorders, rhythm machines, metronomes, tuners, and more.

I created a digital and outdoor campaign series for BOSS guitar effects pedals. The primary campaign slogan “BE A BOSS.” highlights the way each guitarist shapes and controls their own signature sound and was overlaid on top of iconic artists who use BOSS pedals. The secondary slogan “More _.” promotes and emphasizes a guitarist’s need and addiction for more effects. Finally, a third typographic poster and animated video series combined distorted and modified typography with the effect’s waveform as seen through an oscilloscope. As guitar effects are primarily driven by a moving electric current, highly saturated and vibrating “electric” colors were used.